The Cage 625

The Cage 625

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Chris J

Hello, I'm Chris J.

Love baseball and seeing kids learn the game. Two sons who play. Built a backyard cage during covid to train when baseball shut down. Want to see others get to use it.

Love baseball and seeing kids learn the game. Two sons who play. Built a backyard cage during covid to train when baseball shut down. Want to see others get to use it.

Youngest age allowed?5 years
Max guests13 guests
Dimensions12'W × 55'L × 14'H
Outdoor or indoor?outdoor
Surface typeturf

Batting Cage Description

Cage has all you need: regular tee short tee hitting mat Atec Casey pitching machine (up to 100MPH​,​ and adjustable for curve balls) “Z” screen for front toss or overhand batting practice 100 leather baseballs and ball cart for easy pick up 44 dimpled balls for pitching machine (leather balls work in the pitching machine​,​ but flight path is less predictable due to seams) Two-sided bounce-back net for fielding practice while waiting next turn in the cage We also have a pitcher’s plate and 9-hole strike zone for pitching practice; can be used in cage for up to 54-foot pitching practice (pony league distance) Quiet neighborhood. Relaxing backyard space. Parents can sit and wait in comfortable​,​ shaded seating space.

Batting Cage Includes

  • Baseballs
  • Baseball Pitching Machine
  • L-Screen
  • Hitting Tee
  • Sufficient Space for Infield Work

Additional Amenities


Cancelation Policy

  • Super Chill.Full refund up to 24 hours before reservation start time.

Facility Rules

No petsNo seedsNo gumNo cleatsNo loud musicNo smokingNo glassNo alcohol

Additional Rules

Welcome to The Cage 625! <> We have a fantastic backyard hitting cage, where you, your kids, or your little league or travel team can work on their hitting, pitching, and fielding skills. Please read these rules carefully. <> We are a Safety First facility. Most of our rules are about safety, and we have every expectation that they will be followed. Thank you! <> No: pets, seeds, gum, cleats, music, smoking, glass, alcohol, or foul language. <> Batters must wear helmets in the cage, except when hitting off a tree. Anytime the batter is attempting to hit a moving ball (pitching machine, front toss, live BP), a helmet must be worn by the batter and the pitcher/pitching machine operator. (We have one junior size and one senior size batting helmet if a player forgets their helmet. Helmet use is no charge.) <> Except when picking up baseballs, only one hitter is allowed in the cage at a time. (The cage has a “door,” so it’s very easy and quick to get in and out when rotating hitters.) <> The pitching machine may be operated only by those who are 18 years or older. The host reserves the right to adjust this rule on site. <> The protective “Z” screen must be set up behind the pitching machine and in front of the operator, when the pitching machine is in use. If, instead, the machine is set up behind the protective “Z” screen, a batted ball could ricochet off the machine and injure the operator. <> Do not change the position of the legs of the pitching machine. You may adjust the machine up or down and to the side for curveballs, without moving the machine’s legs. <> When you are finished with the pitching machine, please turn all dials to “zero” and unplug the machine from the extension cord. Please cover up the machine with the provided cover. <> When you’re done using the cage, please pick up all baseballs and return them to the bag or cart they belong in. Leave the cage in the same condition you found it. <> We have a dog. Her name is Taco. Please do not try to pet her. She is cute and friendly … unless you try to pet her. Then she may nip at you. So please don’t try to pet her. <> We are in a quiet neighborhood, so we don’t permit music or foul language. <> All guests and players enter the property and cage at their own risk and will be required to sign a Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, Covenant Not to Sue, and Indemnity Agreement on site before using the cage. <> We hope you have a safe and fun experience in our cage!

Approximate Location

Exact location details will be given upon your reservation of the batting cage.

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