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Hello, I'm Kelly P.

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Welcome to Kelly's Ultimate Batting Zone! 🏠 About Me: Hey there! I'm Kelly, a hardcore Dodgers fan and proud parent of three incredibly active boys who live and breathe sports. From skateboarding to golf and baseball, we've experienced it all together. Our journey started with their passion for skateboarding, leading me to build a mini ramp in our backyard for my boys to shred. ⚾ Transition to Baseball: As time rolled on, my boys developed a love and passion for baseball, and I wanted to support their journey. I repurposed the space, making it the perfect spot for my boys to practice their swings. 🏏 Smash Factor: At the advice of a college baseball coach, I bought a Junior Hack Attack pitching machine and Driveline Baseball's Smash Factor balls and I couldn't be happier with that decision. My boys don't ever worry about getting hurt hands during BP, and I don't worry about them damaging their bats. 💪 The Plyo Wall Addition: To take their training to the next level, I built a plyo wall to enhance their strength and agility. It's not just about hitting balls; it's about building a strong foundation of arm care and overall conditioning to help them excel in every aspect of their game.

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