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CageList Neighbors

Welcome to the CageList Neighbors Community Page

Community consideration

CageList is about enhancing communities at the local level. It allows homeowners to earn an extra income by sharing their batting cages with nearby players, coaches, and teams looking for private, safe and productive ways to spend time together.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a strong focus on quality, safety and community.

It is of utmost importance to us that CageList only brings joy to communities. Aside from providing accurate and safe batting cage listings, we suggest the following Good Neighbor best practices.

CageList neighbors

Be a good neighbor

In order to comply with our good neighbor standards, Hosts on CageList should:

Notify Neighbors

Notify Neighbors

First, cage hosts should inform neighbors that they will be sharing their batting cage on CageList.

Give Contact Info

Give Contact Info

Cage Hosts should offer neighbors their contact info and ensure they are aware of CageList’s support resources.

Be Reponsible

Be Responsible

Cage Hosts should be respectful of their neighbors by appropriately limiting the number of guests who may attend and cars that may park at your residence based on space and street availability. Also, ensure rental hours are reasonable and noise is kept to a minimum.

Be Home

Be Home

Cage Hosts are naturally home for 85% of all reservations and should remain on property for all reservations with 10+ guests (less than 8% of CageList reservations). This ensures optimal supervision during larger get togethers.

Our Community Care team was built for you.

If you believe a host is in violation of these rules, speaking to them directly often resolves the issue quickest (as we are all still human). As a next step, we ask that you please report this cage host to our Community Care team.

We only need the batting cage's address or the owner's name in order to look into the matter. We will then issue you a support ticket and get back to you as soon as humanly possible (within 24 hours but usually much sooner).

Report a Host
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